Personal Tokens

Authentication is a crucial aspect of ensuring the security and integrity of your interactions with our API. We provide two distinct methods for authentication.


Personal Access Tokens are unique strings that represent your authorization to access our API. They are designed for simple use-cases and for instances where full OAuth 2.0 flow might be unnecessary or too complex.

Steps to Obtain and Use a Personal Access Token:

  1. Generate a Token:

  2. Using the Token in API Requests:

    • Once you have your token, include it in the header of your API requests. Typically, this is done using the Authorization header. For example:

      Authorization: Bearer YOUR_PERSONAL_ACCESS_TOKEN
  3. Note: Treat your personal access tokens with care. They are like passwords – anyone who has the token can access the API on your behalf. If you believe a token has been compromised, regenerate a new one immediately.

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