Create a task in a project

Basic syntax

The content field accepts text in a Markdown Syntax. The following overview will introduce you to some of the most commonly used Markdown Syntax

Styling text



** **or__ __

**I love Taskade** or __I love Taskade__

I love Taskade


* *or_ _

*I love Taskade* or _I love Taskade_

I love Taskade

Bold and Italic

*** ***or___ ___

***I love Taskade*** or ___I love Taskade___

I love Taskade

Create inline links by wrapping text in brackets [ ], then wrapping the URL in parenthesis ( )

[Link text](


Create bulleted lists by preceding lines of text with - or *

- Mercury
- Venus
- Earth


* Mars
* Jupiter
* Saturn

Create numbered lists by preceding each line with a number. Note that lists beginning with an arbitrary number will automatically be converted to start with 1

1. John Doe
2. Emily Frost
3. Ryan Mario Lopez

Create unordered combination and nested ordered lists by indenting lines with four spaces

1. Types of apples
    * Granny Smith
    * Caramel Apple
        * Very Sweet
    * Candy Apple
        * Small in Size
2. An apple a day...
3. Pears are good too
    1. Green
    2. Yellow


Use anywhere from 1-2 hash # characters at the start of the line, corresponding to header levels 1-2

# Heading 1, Largest Header
## Heading 2

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